Gym Management Software

Membership management software for Gyms, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers,
Yoga Studios, Martial Arts, Dance Studios, Crossfit Studios or PT Studios of all sizes

Helping you have a healthy business growth with happier members.

We crafted our software to fit a range of your business needs and as a commitment to you, we use your feedback to introduce and adjust features to create the best gym management software.

gym management software

24/7 Automated
Access Control

Complete control of Member access to your facility based on membership validity period, boosting your gym’s productivity.

gym management software

Powerful Membership

Member management platforms optimize the membership experience by making it more flexible and immersive.

gym management software

Reports to

Each report allows for you information, business analysis, summary report of business days.​

gym management software

Multiple Payments

Multiple payment method available for membership payments and sales.
Quickly process payments at
any time.​

gym management software

SMS Alert

Membership renewal remainder notification SMS will get to members.And also gives ability to send Promotional SMS to members.

gym management software

Point of Sales

Boost your bottom line with Smart Point of sale. Making sales for members with User friendly screen for your
product sales

User Friendly Interfaces

FitnessSoft is designed with user friendly screen to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, and trainers, process and  track sales, and communicate mass with the right members at the right time.
The main screen dash board provides you the upcoming expiry member details.

gym management software
gym management software

Arabic and English screen for your comfort

Arabic and English screens are available for your comfort. FitnessSoft Access screen provides a convenient view of real-time and easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their membership’s details

Quick search member details

By enter any of member key details like Name, Member ID, mobile number, or National ID number, you can search the complete details and history of members.

gym management software
gym management software

Employee Salary & Expenses

Simplified user experience with Employees pay roll details and salary transfer which allows users to get actionable insights around your payroll readiness and salary processing in a single screen.
All Business related Expenses can be enter to the system to track your business position.

FitnessSoft is reliable fitness management solutions across the world enhancing productivity with effective client assistance packages.

gym management software

No network required

A simple installation, Real Software application that works on your PC. No need for internet connection

gym management software

Secured Storage

We have developed a secured storage system. All data is stored on your computer, not on some Internet clouds.

One Time Payment

We crafted our software to fit a range of your business needs. Pay only once. No subscription or monthly fee


We get closer than ever to our customers. So close that we tell them
what they need well before they realize it themselves.

                                                                – FitnessSoft Team

Flexible and simple to use

See how FitnessSoft can empower your fitness business with its revolutionary approach to membership management and guarantees to increase your revenue.

Our Testimonials

"Thanks and appreciation for the FitnessSoft team Which technically met our needs and full support from them.
I am certain that many clients like me love this company because it provided us with services and solutions for the development of our business. Thanks again and I wish you more technical progress and prosperity"

Fitness track
Adel Arad
Owner/Founder of Fitness Track
"Fitness soft helps us to manage our gym easily. It has a user-friendly dashboard. The software made our transactions simple. The software has all the options to manage the gym and the members..."

Spartan testimonial
David Erdelyi
Gym manager


We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours. FitnessSoft was Offering a systematic and organized experience with maximum efficiency at both ends with assured secure operations.
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