24/7 Automated
Access Control

Open your gym doors for 24/7 with FitnessSoft’s advanced Access Control
system that’s fully connected to your fitnessSoft software, which controls
the member access to your facility based on membership validity period and time.
Boosting your gym’s productivity, Save time and money with a cost-
effective door entry system that gives your business a competitive advantage
  • Members check in
  • Access control
  • Access Monitor
  • Reminder

Advanced members Check In Methods

RFID Cards, Key Chain and Hand band

can be use for member access.

Face reorganization

Access control which help touch less member access.

Members fingerprint

can enroll once the member join, and member can enjoy the club access based of their membership validity period / Time.
Access Gates

Access control

Modern access control solution lets Fitness clubs take care of security and allows the members to feel safe and have hassle-free check-ins for a frequent flow of members, allowing staff to focus on customer service without taking up too much of their time to monitor who goes in and out of the fitness facility.
Check in logs

Access Monitor

FitnessAtt Real-time Dashboard provides a convenient view of real-time member check-ins to your Fitness club with details of Member ID, Name, In Time and remaining days.

If any expired members check-in happens it will show as a red color for your alert. It also provides member and staff check-in time report

Sms alert

Membership expiry SMS

Before 3 days of expiry, The member will get a reminder SMS.


Offering 24x7

Flexible access options make it is easy to designate 24×7 access or custom time schedules. Now you can allow access even when the availability of staff is limited.

gym management software

No network required

A simple installation, saving your money on an efficient access control system. If the internet goes down, users can get in without any problem.

gym management software

Speed gates

Speed gates are more reliable because they can be integrated with an electronic access control solution, mark non-payers, and work on set schedules.​

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Fitness track
Adel Arad
Owner/Founder of Fitness Track

Promotional SMS & SMS Alert

Gives the ability to send Promotional SMS to members.
Membership renewal reminder notification also will get to members before their membership expiry.

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