FitnessSoft add-ons is a software extension.
It will extend certain functions within the software to
give the management additional capabilities.
  • Schedule
  • Member check in
  • Body
  • Fitness Club
  • Employee
  • Employee
FitnessSoft schedule


FitnessSoft Add Schedule screen provides a simplified user experience with enabling clients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel classes online without having to contact a manager. This saves time for clients and allows fitness club administrators to more effectively manage class sizes and meet staffing requirements.
Check in logs

Member check-in logs

FitnessSoft Access log screen provides a convenient view of real-time member check-ins to your facility with details of Member ID, Name, In Time and remaining days. If any expired members check-in happens it will show as a red color for your alert.

fitnessSoft BMI

Check Body Measurement

FitnessSoft Member measurement screen provides Manage and track a member’s goals and progress like weight, Body Mass Index(BMI) and so much more.

FitnessSoft expenses

Fitness club Expenses

FitnessSoft Expenses screen provides all Business related Expenses can be enter to the system to track your business position.

FitnessSoft salary

Employee Salary

FitnessSoft Employee salary screen provides a Simplified user experience with salary transfer which allows users to get actionable insights around your employee salary processing.
FitnessSoft payroll

Employee Payroll

FitnessSoft Add Employee screen provides a simplified user experience with Employee’s payroll details which allows users to get actionable insights around your payroll readiness in a single screen.

User Loyalty

Smoothen this road by
developing a connection
between the User and
the Fitness club through
constant Add-ons.

Explore FitnessSoft

FitnessSoft add-ons ensure the smoother and faster operation to comfort you and is the exact reason you should explore FitnessSoft.

User Engagement

Be quick and effective in engaging User interest, promotional offers, and improved features. It helps to maintain this critical relationship with Fitness club.

"Thanks and appreciation for the FitnessSoft team Which technically met our needs and full support from them.
I am certain that many clients like me love this company because it provided us with services and solutions for the development of our business. Thanks again and I wish you more technical progress and prosperity."

Fitness track
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Owner/Founder of Fitness Track

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