Mobile App for
fitness clubs

Mobile application for membership integration
can streamline your management as well as
cater to your member’s needs.
  • Dynamic
  • BMI or FMI
  • Coaches
  • Membership
  • Payment
    through App
  • Track
  • Product
  • Push
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Dynamic slides

This is a presentation supplemented by or based on a display of fitness club images or photographic. Multiple looping slides can be posted for best member interaction.

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Live BMI or FMI graph

Allow members to monitor their success. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. Enter your weight and height using standard or metric measures then your BMI will appear.

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Coaches profiles

Allow members to see their coaches Profile. Members can select their Trainer and add to PT Session. Coaches can guide Clients, Plan Diet, Helps In Exercising, Assisting Fitness Goals through the app.
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Membership sales

Members can select their membership programs, Personal training session including renewals

fitnessSoft payment

Payment through App

Let your member pay for products or services using the App. Never again lose members who carry cash

fitnessSoft workout

Track workouts and history

Members can track their workouts and history 

app store

Product sale

Let your customer order products and pay for it directly through their mobile devices.

push notification

Push Notifications

Send notification messages for promotion membership renewals, announcements and more.

Boost Brands

Customer loves it when their concerns and complaints are heard out and resolved can do wonders to boost your brand loyalty.​

Customer Loyalty

Smoothen this road by developing a connection between the customer and the brand through constant reminders and notifications

Customer Engagement

Be quick and effective in engaging customer interest, promotional offers, and improved features. It helps to maintain this critical relationship with them

"Fitness soft helps us to manage our gym easily. It has a user-friendly dashboard. The software made our transactions simple. The software has all the options to manage the gym and the members..."
Spartan testimonial
David Erdelyi
Gym manager

Simple And Secure Payment

Members are ready to Pay on time, Membership renewal, Register for programs,
Point of sales, or make any payments. With FitnessSoft’s Simple and Secure payment solution.

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