Reports to

Different kinds of reports, graphs available for your business analysis.
The automated day sales summary report will send an email to
management at the end of the business days.
  • Active Member
  • Cash flow
  • Day summary
  • Product sales
  • Expired member
  • VAT Transaction
  • Daily sales
  • Daily program
Active member report

Active member report

FitnessSoft Active Members report provides a listing of active members over a specified date range. This report can also be used to view prospects, dropped/inactive, courtesy and non-members

cash flow report

Cash Flow Report

FitnessSoft cash flow report is one of the documents which makes up the financial statement or annual report. The primary concern of the cash flow report is to present an overview of the financial activity in the fitness club over the designated period.
Day summary report

Day Summary Report

fitnessSoft day summary report records each day, it is typically short and concise and refers only to the activities and accomplishments of the specific day.

product sale report

Product Sale Report

FitnessSoft Product Sales report describes the record of all products that have been sold during a particular time frame by a fitness club. A sales analysis report shows what all trends are occurring in a fitness club sales volume over time
expired member report

Expired Member Report

FitnessSoft expired member report provides a listing of expired members over a specified date range. This report can also be used to view prospects, dropped/inactive, courtesy and non-members
vat transaction report

VAT Transaction Report

FitnessSoft VAT report is a financial document that summarises a fitness club VAT-eligible transactions over a specified accounting period, helping the fitness club complete their VAT Return.
Sales chart

Daily Sales Report

FitnessSoft daily sales chart is a graph of data points, where each point represents the security’s price action for a specific day of trading. Commonly, these data points are depicted by the bar, candlestick, or line charts.
program chart

Daily Program Chart

FitnessSoft can tailor the daily schedule chart to start club a day at a specific time and then set time intervals. Keep the daily program chart in FitenssSoft close at hand to know what’s coming up and when things are happening.

Smart Time

Save reporting time and improve the speed and agility of decision-making.

Instant reports

Engaging data visualizations pushed into your workflow at exactly the moment you need.

Analysis Tools

The data available also enables club owners to properly manage cash flow

"Fitness soft helps us to manage our gym easily. It has a user-friendly dashboard. The software made our transactions simple. The software has all the options to manage the gym and the members..."
Spartan testimonial
David Erdelyi
Gym manager

FitnessSoft Add-ons

FitnessSoft add-ons is a software extension. It will extend certain functions within the software
to give the management additional capabilities.

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